The sources of the abstract paintings are various. The architecture or flow of nature can be a starting point. As can an idea of cellular life. Or/and a memory, emotion, recalled from childhood. Colour harmonies/discords are sources for series of paintings also. At the same time the paintings become more of a ‘something’ in their own right, emphatically paintings, something in themselves rather than a representation of something else. It is true though references to the phenomenal world can surface, often in a playful way. You can jump between the painting as abstract form/pattern and the mirage of something figurative. I feel it is important that any figurative element doesn’t pull you away from the painting as painting. That anything figurative should remain as something elusive, not something that will demand your attention at the expense of the overall effect of the painting.
There are series of abstract paintings that are quite organic in form, others where there is a more apparent structure, geometry. In both cases a sense of resolution is aimed for, a resolved emotional pattern.