These paintings are for me primarily abstract. The coloured grounds are intended as colouful blossoms. As with the landscape and abstract paintings, in the early stages of a series of paintings much is discarded in the process of arriving at, as far as possible, colour harmonies/discords that are resolved, intentional. The figurative element is for the most part reduced to a calligraphic pattern of lines. There is an emotional context to the drawing. By translating the photographic source into drawing the subject becomes filtered through another dimension. It enters the theatrical realm of painting. This process also unavoidably makes reference to other painting traditions. Pop art for instance.
At the same time the black watercolour lines intensify the coloured grounds. There is a sense of play between the abstract and figurative elements. As well as intensifying the colour, the ‘drawing’ appropriates the ground for its own ends. For example, where a face is drawn over a divided ground one colour will read as light, the other as shadow. Looked at another way the colours revert to their abstract aspect.